Seed Tree I Animation


SeedTreeIAnimation520sqI had so much fun with the animation of Seed Tree 2, I’ve added an animation  of the first Seed Tree.  What’s fun about this piece is that all of the parts are interchangeable – there are 3 different tree tops and 3 different handles which one uses to turn the tree.  As the tree rotates it winds the red curtain over showing the counterweight space with the rising lead filled counterweight.  The small display space with two shelves is available when the curtain is all of the way over to the left side.

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Seed Tree II Animation


Hey it really worked!  I thought it would be illustrative to show the piece in motion.  The Pear and the Avocado have magnetic sleeves so they can hang upside down and serve as handles to operate the curtain / tree.

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Seed Tree II


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Ball Chain Gear

Ball-Chain-Gear Tree-with-Ball-Chain-Gear

I found 3 of these brass ball chain gears at an estate sale and have put the first one to use.  I took it into Winks Hardware where they have help that knows the answer to everything hardware and the gear created quite a stir.  No one had ever seen on before.  As you can see the brass #6 ball chain seats perfectly in the gear.  I really like the gear being integral with the tree.

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A Box For Books


My neighbor Joe wanted to collaborate and build a library for his front yard.  Not the full size kind – we pay taxes for those and the City of Portland does a great job. We were talking a little bit smaller.  Maybe you’ve seen them – they are known as “Little Free Libraries”, and are small house-like cabinets full of books that people place in their front yards.  “Take one, Leave” one is the motto.  I think Joe had a pile of books he’s read and saw the library as a great way to disseminate them.    The idea for the library was broached a year or so ago, and the only progress made was that I spotted and purchased a nicely sized window sash at a yard sale to use for the door.  We finally got it together and this fall our neighborhood branch opened for business.  It even survived the first full on Oregon rain storm with dry books.  That’s Joe on the left.


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Learning Curve

After having used the small Unimat Lathe for a couple of years I decided to step up to a larger lathe with more capability.  I have begin reading machinist how to books and watching UTube videos and realize I have a lot to learn.  This new (to me) East German Prazi lathe seems pretty great and should enable me to make accurate mechanisms for my artwork.  Prazi-Lathe

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Desert Pods


We just got back from a short trip to Arizona where I collected some great seed pods, cactus bits, and odds and ends. The piece of masonry and rock in the lower right hand corner was from a collapsed wall at the Louis Lee Rock Garden in Phoenix. Louis built a great world at his desert home and I was glad to see it. It’s just as great as the Petersen Rock Garden in Bend!


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